Landscape gardening and water features near Rock in Cornwall
Garden Maintenance near Wadebridge, Cornwall
Garden Maintenance in and around Padstow, Cornwall

Garden Maintenance in North Cornwall

We currently maintain about forty gardens, ranging from private residences to Doctors’ surgeries to holiday properties. We usually visit fortnightly during the growing season and less frequently in the winter. For the majority of our customers, we provide a complete service including all aspects of horticulture and lawn care. Take a look at some case studies here.

Flower Beds and Pot Plants

Whether you have herbaceous perennials, seasonal bedding or flowering shrubs, we’ll help them to thrive. Our goal is to give your garden a truly colourful display each year. We’ll keep weeds, pests and diseases under control, and ensure the soil is well structured with the appropriate level of nutrients for your plants. We also can create low maintenance pot plant displays for patios and courtyard gardens.

Lawn Care

As well as cutting your grass, if you wish we can also take care of all your lawn’s needs including weed control, fertilizer application, aeration and scarification, adding top dressing, and patching repairs.

Trees, Hedges and Shrubs

We’ll keep all of your large shrubs and small to medium sized trees healthy and in good shape. We’ll feed them according to their needs and keep an eye out for any issues. Where there are diseases, such as the Septoria virus affecting Escallonia, ash die-back, or bleeding canker of horse chestnut, then we can work with you to mitigate their effects, or identify suitable replacements.

Other Maintenance

As part of our work we also clean decking, patios and garden furniture. We can clean and repair greenhouses and cold frames, and keep vegetable patches in order. We will collect autumn leaves, keep paths swept, and use herbicide to ensure persistent weeds are kept under control.

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